Replacing genuine brake pads is one of the most important conditions to extend the life of your vehicle. But nowadays, there are many floating brake pads on the market, which are not known to have a lower price than the company's products. Causing panic for consumers.

1.Potential risks when using floating brake pads unknown origin.

    Using non-genuine brake pads is very dangerous when braking at high speeds, non-genuine brake pads have a 30% longer braking distance than conventional brakes. It can be said that the friction material of the brake pad does not guarantee the braking force needed to stop the car, one of the basic requirements of brake pads.

    Also, when running down the long slope, the friction layer of non-genuine brake pads is easy to peel off. When the friction plate breaks off, the brakes will not work, if the product is not technically safe, floating and has no origins in the market so the accident occurs when joining. Traffic is inevitable.

2.Brake pads are not firm

Non-genuine brake pads are abrasive for a short time, indicating very poor durability. In addition, the brakes of the brake pads are not very much effective against genuine brake pads

Non-genuine brake pads are not made up of the necessary material layers, which do not meet the technical requirements, leading to friction wear very quickly, do not ensure braking force when necessary to stop the car.

One of the unsupported techniques of non-genuine brake pads is that it does not provide a soundproof cushion, which results in uncomfortable braking. The lack of this padding causes the friction between the layers of brake pads to increase, leading to cracking after a short time of use.

Finally, brake pads floating outside the market cannot withstand high temperatures so easily burned in use, causing great damage to the car.

  1. Difference between genuine brake pads with non-genuine brake pads.


Brake pads must ensure that the vehicle stops under all conditions. Thus, the genuine brake pads are manufactured from the factory with the most rigorous inspection procedures to ensure the safety of the driver.

Brake pads are treated with a variety of components, ensuring the highest braking performance in complex conditions with long service life.

Meanwhile, genuine brake pads have anti-noise cushion to reduce the vibration at high frequencies, do not cause annoying brake noise while extending the life of the brakes and withstand high temperatures, without fire. Efficiently stop the car.

Nam Khanh brake pads are manufactured in strict accordance with Japanese technology, ensuring high technical accuracy. All brake pads products are committed to eating regularly, without asbestos, not to eat mayonnaise, not harmful, ensure under the car.

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